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07 Oct Top Advantages of Leaving Landscape Design to An Expert

Australia is very much a “DIY” nation. Many homeowners consider them to be quite handy with the tools, and they most probably are. However, when it comes to landscape design, it can be an entirely new experience. You might be a whizz on the paintbrush, but how skilled are you with sketching plans and working to scale? If you were unsure whether you should phone for a landscaping expert, then here are five of many reasons why that’s an excellent idea.
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07 Feb Top 2019/2020 Landscape Design Trends

Experts in landscape design are always thinking ahead. They know that trends change, and people’s preferences with them, so try to deliver on what they believe will be the “next biggest thing” in the landscaping world. If you are about to begin a landscaping project of your own, with or without the help of a landscaper, then read on. Here are some of the predicted 2019 and 2020 trends that are worth a closer look. Indoor-Outdoor Entertainment We are blessed here in Australia to have, mostly, mild year-round temperatures. There is rarely a day that’s too cold to spend at least a portion of it outside. As a result, it’s of no surprise that as many as 40 percent of homeowners like to entertain outside. Is your space set up correctly for it?
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05 Mar Sustainable Landscaping : Power conservation

While a lot of the aspects of landscaping like water, fertilisers, harsh chemicals are commonly associated with sustainability, one of the most important but typically forgotten is sustainable landscaping And power. Interestingly right from laying...

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