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7 Landscape Design Techniques We Can Use To Give The Illusion Of More Space

15 Aug 7 Landscape Design Techniques We Can Use To Give The Illusion Of More Space

One of the most common difficulties we face as landscapers is when we are asked to design a landscaped garden that has limited space. Given that we cannot create a design for a landscaped garden that has dimensions any bigger than the garden itself, we often have to call upon several tricks and techniques to help maximise the space at a physical level and also to give the appearance of more space visually.

Practical ways to increase space include using multi-level decking and having vertical gardens, however, it is also possible to trick the eyes and the mind using landscape design techniques that make them see and think the garden is larger than reality. Here are seven of the techniques that we use.

Disappearing Fences

In many gardens which we are asked to design there is existing fencing, and sometimes the clients wish to keep this, whilst others are happy for it to be replaced, with bushes or trees, for example. Where fences will remain, painting and staining them in a dark colour can help make them seem less dominating and not appear as an obvious limit to the dimensions of the garden. Planting shrubs, bushes or trees in front of fences also means there is no visible fence.

Minimise The Lawn

Having a large lawn might seem like a positive in a garden, but when that garden is relatively small, a large fence-to-fence lawn can increase the sense of limited space. One landscape design technique we often use in this instance would be to swap out some of the lawn for some plant beds or small shrubs.

Curvaceous Lawns

We have just mentioned the size of a lawn being an issue when it comes to small gardens, however, the shape of your lawn can also make a difference as to how much space there appears to be in your garden. We will often alter the shape of a lawn from being rectangular or perfectly square to having one or more curved sections in our landscape designs which can give the feeling of there being more space.

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Laandscaping for offices

07 Dec Why Workspaces Are Becoming An Increasingly Popular Request Within Landscape Designs

To many people, the idea of having landscaping in their garden would be purely for leisure and pleasure purposes, including the hobby of gardening for those with a keenness for horticultural activities. However, there is another element that is increasingly being asked for in landscape designs, and that is a workspace.

Now, we are sure many of you may occasionally take your laptop out into the garden on a pleasant day and do some work, or possibly even participate in work-related zoom calls there. Indeed, when we were all dealing with Covid, these would have been mandatory rather than a choice due to lockdowns.

However, now that Covid is no longer ruling how we live, play, and work, many people are working in their offices again, but a trend has been gaining momentum of having a workspace created within a garden as part of a landscaping project.

We can think of several reasons for this, many of which all stem from the aforementioned Covid period. Many employers and employees found that their productivity levels and job satisfaction increased whilst working at home, so remote working is often now preferable to travelling to work in a commercial office each day.

Some employers have embraced this so much that they have even moved out of the expensive office space they were renting into smaller premises that cost them less, but at the same time, their business achieves as much if not more from its employees now based at home for much or all of their working week.

Bringing this back to landscaping,  this is often why demands for workspaces in gardens are increasing whereby those working at home do not just want to swap an office downtown for an office in their home. Instead, they want a workspace outdoors where the surroundings are more pleasurable, and they have the bonus of breathing in the fresh air as they work. Here are some other benefits of landscape designs which include workspaces.

Less Stressful: One of the most common feedback comments from employees who work at home is they feel that their working day generates a lot less stress than when they are in the office. This stress-free environment is maximised if you have a workspace created in your garden.

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Tropical Landscaped Garden

08 Nov 10 Plants You Must Consider When Creating A Tropical Landscaped Garden

One type of landscape design that we are often asked about is a tropical garden. These are hugely popular for several reasons such as the amazing colours that tropical plants have, plus a tropical garden is also a huge talking point when guests see it for the first time.

If you are wondering what constitutes a tropical garden when it is part of a landscaping project, here is how we would describe it. A tropical garden incorporates an array of exotic plants most commonly found in those areas of the world which are hot and humid, but also have design elements most associated with those areas including water features and ornaments. Key facets of tropical gardens are their diversity, colours, and exotic ambience.

For this blog post, we are going to focus mostly on diversity and specifically the huge number of plants that you can include in landscape designs that aim to make the garden appear to be a tropical one. As such, we have details on no fewer than ten plants that you should consider for inclusion in your tropical garden.

Tropical Plant #1 – Palms

It should surprise no one that palms are the first tropical plants we highlight. They certainly should be a part of any landscape design with a tropical theme. Bangalow palms, fan palms, and kentia palms are but three of the numerous options and with many palms having large leaves they act as great canopies in landscaped tropical gardens.

Tropical Plant #2 – Cordyline

Every tropical garden should be awash with colour and Cordylines are a group of tropical plants that will deliver plenty of colours. Known for their bold colours that stand out in any garden they are in, options include Kiwi Pride, Nigra, and Rubra. As well as a variety of colours, Cordylines also come in various sizes too.

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Landscaped Garden

22 Jul 10 Feature Ideas That Will Enhance Your Landscaped Garden

Although having new landscaping in your garden is a positive and rewarding experience, it can also cause some consternation during the process of choosing which of the many possible features you want to include in the landscape design. This will primarily be driven by your personal preferences, although we highly recommend that you also take on board the advice that your chosen landscape design experts give you.

That advice will not only concern the practicalities of any single feature included but will also refer to the aesthetics of it based on the experience that the landscapers have of designing other gardens and seeing the outcomes. One thing is certain, you have no shortage of options which can be a problem in itself. To alleviate that, here are ten of the top features which are guaranteed to enhance your landscaped garden.

Landscape Design Feature #1 – Paving

Paving is a frequently requested feature for a landscape design. A core reason is it provides a secure base underfoot when walking through the garden. Stone paving is also robust and should not need replacing any time soon. The huge variety of stone types, colours, and shapes, also make paving aesthetically pleasing.

Landscape Design Feature #2 – Water Features

Another popular landscaping feature, and one which has many options. At one extreme you have a swimming pool which can turn your garden into a water park for your family. On the other are small, decorative fountains, plus you have countless possibilities in between in terms of size, type, and designs of water features.

Landscape Design Feature #3 – Patio

Patios are another quintessential feature of many landscape designs. They provide a link between the house and the rest of the garden, as well as providing space for you, your family, and guests to gather. Depending on its size, a patio can be used as a seating area or a BBQ station. Options for patio stones are plentiful.

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Top Landscaping Ideas

21 Sep Top Landscaping Ideas for Entertaining

Life can’t be all about work and no play. After all, you work hard so that you can get more enjoyment out of your downtime. So, if you are about to get started on your landscaping, then make sure you can take full advantage of it. Keep reading to find out what it takes to create an outdoor space that’s fit for entertainment.

Hire an Expert

One of the easiest ways to create an outdoor entertainment area is to call in the experts. Landscaping teams are full of wonderful ideas that you may not have even considered for your yard.

As you see your property every day, it’s hard to imagine what it could be over and above what it now is. Let a landscaper offer their insight and decide if their idea of an entertainer’s paradise is one that you share.


Entertaining is something you can do outside during the day, but what are you supposed to do once the sun goes down? You could retreat to the comfort of indoors, but why not make sure entertaining outdoors can happen long into the night?

Lighting is something that can have a dramatic impact on your outdoor space. You can use solar lights to enhance your favourite plants, or stair, deck, and wall lighting for illuminating your usable areas. Even path lighting is worth your consideration, for it lets you navigate your property in the dead of night.

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Maintenance Free Landscaping

21 Jul Lock and Leave: Hassle-Free Landscaping Ideas

Around four percent of Australian housing stock has been used or is being used as an Airbnb. That means there are about 350,000 unique listings, not including those on alternative platforms. So, essentially, 350,000 people have mastered the art of hosting, cleaning, and landscaping a lock and leave property.

The sheer volume of people doing it doesn’t mean that it’s easy, though. It just means that property hosts have scoured the internet for ideas on how to landscape their properties in a low maintenance way. And, now, you can too. Read on to learn some hassle-free landscaping ideas for lock and leave homes.

Focus on the Hardscape Elements

When people book Airbnb accommodation, they are quite often on holiday. They want to entertain, relax, and enjoy their surroundings. You can accommodate those needs and wishes with an entertainment-style outdoor area.

That means instead of gardens you have to maintain, you can opt for outdoor furniture on paved patio areas, built-in bench seating, and expansive deck areas that take up a significant portion of the backyard. You can then accessorise these areas with lighting and other fun elements. Gardens aren’t the be-all and end-all of landscaping design.

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Commercial landscaping ideas

11 Jul Ways Landscaping Can Benefit Your Business

We all know that landscaping can benefit our home lives. It gives us a sense of pride and somewhere to relax after a hard day at work. But did you know that top-quality landscaping at your place of business can also be of benefit? How it is might just surprise you.

It Can Improve Your Image as Eco-Friendly

Being an eco-friendly business is becoming more and more important, so let landscaping offer that illusion. Alongside making changes to your operations to limit your environmental impact, you can also pay attention to your landscaping. Invest in native plants, grass, and a natural environment that customers and employees will love.

It Can Increase Your Property Value

If you have space in front of your business to make a real impact with landscaping, then don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Having hardscape and softscape elements can not only make your business stand out from the crowd but make the real estate under it far more valuable, too.

Your Employees Can Be More Productive

Something as simple as a serene outdoor area for lunch, some native plants, and a patch of grass can be the difference between a productive and unproductive team. Plenty of studies have shown that nature can promote more productivity in the workplace. If you have been wondering how you can get your team to increase their output, then a landscaping expert might have the solution.

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