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Sustainable Landscaping – Overview

24 Feb Sustainable Landscaping – Overview

Landscaping is important to any residential or commercial property, especially so when it is a sustainable landscape.  A well planned and designed garden is more appealing and useful than a randomly created one.  Today with growing concerns and realisation about the threats to the planet, sustainable landscaping is becoming important.
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Landscaping with solar lights

24 Sep Landscaping with solar lights

The long standing curse on garden lights has finally being crushed down, thanks to Landscaping with solar lights. With solar lights coming in to your household’s huge electrical bill’s rescue, every keen gardener is looking...

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Guidelines For Utilizing Fertilizer

09 Sep Guidelines For Utilizing Fertilizer

A beautiful, landscaped garden can seem like a little piece of heaven. Achieving this, however, isn’t always easy and may require utilizing fertilizer. Knowing exactly what the right amount of fertilizer to use is a tricky subject. If the right amount isn’t used, the plants suffer and in turn the garden is going to suffer.
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Soil Fertility

09 Sep Soil Fertility

The most important factor when it comes to plant growth is soil fertility. There are parasite plants like Orchids and Mints that need no soil to grow, but I wish to discuss facts in favor of plants that do need soil (over 90% of the plant population). Say, you are a domestic gardener-to-be. Can you just walk outside and figure out whether the soil below your feet, is fertile enough? Well, of course. You can determine the soil fertility, by the color, moisture, feel and the smell of the soil. Sounds strange, isn’t it? If it does, then you know you are new to the whole gardening business. A person with a bit of experience will know exactly what I’ve said.
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Planting Perennials

09 Sep Planting Perennials

If you would like to have a garden filled with colourful flowers but also want something low maintenance, then perennials are what you are looking for. The best part about planting perennials is that they...

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