Earth Friendly Landscaping

09 Jun Earth Friendly Landscaping

Isn’t it time that you take a serious measure to your landscape design to make it more nature friendly? Lots of gardeners today have some lovely, beautiful gardens. Hats off to them for their efforts....

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09 Apr Shrubbery – Friend Not Enemy

Pruning is hard work but it is essential for various types of landscape shrubbery especially those that tend to grow tall and look untamed like Rose of Sharon. This shrub blooms so place it along...

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Green Roof Or Roof Garden

09 Mar Green Roof Or Roof Garden

Lack of gardening space, especially in urban areas is highly challenging to the current environmental conditions, without doubt. Many try planting on their roof tops and yes, this genuinely helps to make the Earth a...

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Landscaping indoors

24 Dec Landscaping indoors

Landscaping indoors? Yes! You read that right… although landscaping is usually thought of as something that is done outdoors, landscaping indoors is not uncommon at all. In fact, it is one of the most popular and...

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Yard Care Tips

09 Apr Yard Care Tips

Winter ends and summer comes, indicating that it is time to get back to work with your yard, and some yard care tips come in handy. Don’t be silly and laid back. Show some care...

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