Conserve Water

09 Mar Let’s Conserve Water

It is common knowledge that water resources in this world are getting drier as we speak, creating the need to conserve water. The hotter the earth gets, the more haphazard rainfall becomes and before we...

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24 Feb Taste conflicts in landscaping

Have you ever wondered how some couples even survive marriage?  They have completely opposite tastes and ideas about things and the situation is no different when it comes to landscaping. So, most of the time, sitting...

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Rock Gardening

01 Dec Rock Gardening

Are you a nature lover, dreaming of turning your front-yard into fine natural green decorated with colorful Hibiscus? If the dry rocks concentrated throughout the soil are keeping you from achieving what you love?  With hard work and determination even the driest, harshest rocky grounds will turn into that green paradise with rock gardening. Rock gardening requires commitment and close inspection, but the right fertilizer and adequate amounts of water would do the job. The secret behind rock gardening  of less-fertile soil is the ability to use minimum resources in such a way that give maximum output.
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Planting Shrubs

18 Jan Planting shrubs

Planting shrubs are an asset to any landscape garden. They add the extra touch giving the  garden that final look and brings beauty, shade and fragrance to your landscape. Shrubs are a great way of creating...

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Plants Add Magic To Gardens

17 Apr Plants Add Magic To Gardens

The way your garden looks will definitely have an impact on the way your home looks. Making your garden look good depends on the plants used when landscaping, knowing that plants add magic to gardens. Landscaping gardens is an investment that may seem too much, but is definitely worth making. After all there is nothing like having a garden with a riot of colours that not only look good but also make the garden an enjoyable place to be in.
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Landscape Architecture And Design

26 Jan Landscape Architecture And Design

Here’s a secret for you: there is no colossal difference between landscape designing and landscape architecture.  The fact that the term ‘architect’ sounds more professional in comparison with the term ‘designer’ which is  often associated more with long legs and colorful attire. If you are looking for someone to focus more on the artistic merits then you should probably go for a ‘Landscape Designer’. If you are more interested with the technicalities such as structural engineering, then it would be better to focus on a ‘Landscape Architect’ for the perfect landscape architecture.
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Accessorizing Your Garden

24 Mar Accessorizing Your Garden

When it comes to adding that personal touch to your garden, preferences vary from one person to another. This is why most landscapers are open to ideas and can blend your ideas with a creative flick in the process of accessorizing your garden. One of the trendy ways of accessorizing your garden is to include logs here and there. Of course the type of log will depend on the cost you wish to bear as well as on the overall design of the garden.
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