Sustainable Landscaping – Overview

24 Feb Sustainable Landscaping – Overview

Landscaping is important to any residential or commercial property, especially so when it is a sustainable landscape.  A well planned and designed garden is more appealing and useful than a randomly created one.  Today with growing concerns and realisation about the threats to the planet, sustainable landscaping is becoming important.
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Earth Friendly Landscaping

09 Jun Earth Friendly Landscaping

Isn’t it time that you take a serious measure to your landscape design to make it more nature friendly? Lots of gardeners today have some lovely, beautiful gardens. Hats off to them for their efforts....

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09 Apr Shrubbery – Friend Not Enemy

Pruning is hard work but it is essential for various types of landscape shrubbery especially those that tend to grow tall and look untamed like Rose of Sharon. This shrub blooms so place it along...

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Accessorizing Your Garden

24 Mar Accessorizing Your Garden

When it comes to adding that personal touch to your garden, preferences vary from one person to another. This is why most landscapers are open to ideas and can blend your ideas with a creative flick in the process of accessorizing your garden. One of the trendy ways of accessorizing your garden is to include logs here and there. Of course the type of log will depend on the cost you wish to bear as well as on the overall design of the garden.
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09 Nov Getting Through To Landscaping

Landscaping is fun, you get to sit down with a garden designer, an architect and whoever else you may need to landscape that garden of yours and plan out something that you have always wanted to have in your backyard (or front yard in some cases). But then comes the not-looked forward to part of it all…the costs.
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