Sustainable Landscaping: Reusing non-degradable Materials

24 Oct Sustainable Landscaping: Reusing non-degradable Materials

relaxSustainable landscaping is not just about ensuring that the resources used for landscape design, creation and maintenance are biodegradable, and environment friendly. It is also about being able to have a much wider impact in terms of reusing non-degradable materials. Now you may wonder, what a glass bottle or a plastic box has to do with landscaping. There are many ways these discarded materials can be used to build amazing artworks in your lawn and give it a totally different outlook.

Buying New Things

A lot of people like to see their lawns filled with trees and brand new, machine designed artworks dotting the landscape. While this is a simple and easy way out, it is pretty monotonous. Now imagine if you were to come up with an interesting piece of artwork from the discarded material in your own house. It is creatively satisfying and it could potentially go well with the lawn than a readymade product. So you can buy new things for your lawns, but really reusing non-degradable materials, the old and broken ones are the real charm in your lawn.

Window Panes and Doors

Window panes and doors are very effective art forms in any landscape. They offer a lot of design opportunities to create some interesting structures for the lawn. Sometimes they can just be placed as they are in the lawns among trees or against a wall to add a different appeal to the lawn overall. Other times, they can be modified to hold additional plants on a vertical pane.

Reusing Non-Degradable Materials – Glass Bottles

There are many uses and benefits of glass in landscaping. The most common use is to add glass pieces to the concrete pavements to create a mosaic like design. The more the colours of bottles you have, the better is the mosaic design. Other times you can just place empty bottles in strategic locations to add some charm to your lawn. Garden edging is another common use of glass bottles.

Containers and Found Materials

Many times we end up with plastic buckets that are broken or cracked. Effectively, that water bucket is not of much use to the family, however but cutting it into desired shape, you can actually transform it into a pot to hold plants. Other materials like soda cans, broken toys, antique watering can, old tires, etc. are all like gold dust to a creative person. With a large landscape to design and a bunch of old discarded items, you can really come up with a very unique and contemporary lawn like no other.

Old Artwork

If you are not much of an artist, you could actually purchase old artwork from other buyers. You can either repair the artwork before displaying it or even display it as it is. The used and discarded art forms tend to blend better in lawn that brand new ones.

As you can see, there are many ways of reusing non-degradable materials , and many different things you can use to recreate some magic in your lawn. Landscape designing is not just about plants and their maintenance – there are many other aspects to this concept and you can implement sustainable procedures in all of them. With regards to non-recyclable material, there are many art forms that you create on your own, or purchase them second hand. It is interesting to know everything from a broken wine bottle to a burnt tire could be a great addition to your sustainable landscape – you just need to keep your mind and eyes open to grab the right opportunity.