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22 Aug Selecting the right plants for cold weather

Cold weather is one of the toughest to survive for both humans and plants, and for this reason, one must consider carefully the plants for cold weather they choose. While a perennial cold weather climate is rare, there are cold seasons when you really need your lawn or garden to look good and more importantly survive.

There are some tips that you can follow while picking your plants to achieve both these goals.

Cold Weather

Depending on where you are, the cold weather varies drastically, and the same applies to applicable plants for cold weather. Regions that are closer to the poles tend to have harsh winters with snow and freezing winds. These are found in regions closer to the poles. As one moves away from the pole, the cold weather is not as harsh but is certainly cold enough. Typically in temperate regions, cold weather is marked by low temperatures and wet weather. Frost is also very common and this can be quite damaging to the plants.

How do Plants Adapt to Cold weather

Regardless of where they are, local and native plants tend to adapt to the cold weather in different ways. The most common adaptation in snowy regions is spiny leaves with branches tapering down to let the snow slide. In the more temperate climate, trees tend to shed their leaves and enter a dormant state. Right through the winter, these plants look like a dead stump, springing back to life with warmer climates. Of course, if a plant is not native to cold weather, there is a very good chance it will not survive a very harsh winter.

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