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Sustainable Landscaping: Harsh Chemicals substitutes

20 Dec Sustainable Landscaping: Harsh Chemicals substitutes

Landscaping and garden maintenance tend to use a wide range of chemicals right from fertilisers to pesticides, and herbicides. While you cannot do away with these chemicals completely, you can replace them with appropriate alternatives that do not pollute the environment and offer natural solutions to the problems, thereby enhancing sustainable landscaping. With proper substitutes, you can not only achieve your goals but also do it in a sustainable, economic manner.


There are two ways you can reduce the use of chemical fertilisers. You can cut down on the need for fertilisers or look at useful alternatives to them.

Reducing the need for fertilisers

In your efforts to achieve sustainable landscaping, you can choose plants that require less nourishment and that will automatically reduce your fertiliser requirements. You choice of soil can also help reduce the need to supply nutrients – avoid using sandy soil or soils that are very porous.

Although the lawn site dictates the kind of soil, you can play around with soil and plant combinations to reduce the need for fertilisers.

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