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07 Dec Why Workspaces Are Becoming An Increasingly Popular Request Within Landscape Designs

To many people, the idea of having landscaping in their garden would be purely for leisure and pleasure purposes, including the hobby of gardening for those with a keenness for horticultural activities. However, there is another element that is increasingly being asked for in landscape designs, and that is a workspace.

Now, we are sure many of you may occasionally take your laptop out into the garden on a pleasant day and do some work, or possibly even participate in work-related zoom calls there. Indeed, when we were all dealing with Covid, these would have been mandatory rather than a choice due to lockdowns.

However, now that Covid is no longer ruling how we live, play, and work, many people are working in their offices again, but a trend has been gaining momentum of having a workspace created within a garden as part of a landscaping project.

We can think of several reasons for this, many of which all stem from the aforementioned Covid period. Many employers and employees found that their productivity levels and job satisfaction increased whilst working at home, so remote working is often now preferable to travelling to work in a commercial office each day.

Some employers have embraced this so much that they have even moved out of the expensive office space they were renting into smaller premises that cost them less, but at the same time, their business achieves as much if not more from its employees now based at home for much or all of their working week.

Bringing this back to landscaping,  this is often why demands for workspaces in gardens are increasing whereby those working at home do not just want to swap an office downtown for an office in their home. Instead, they want a workspace outdoors where the surroundings are more pleasurable, and they have the bonus of breathing in the fresh air as they work. Here are some other benefits of landscape designs which include workspaces.

Less Stressful: One of the most common feedback comments from employees who work at home is they feel that their working day generates a lot less stress than when they are in the office. This stress-free environment is maximised if you have a workspace created in your garden.

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