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Landscaping For Dummies

21 Oct Landscaping For Dummies

Modifying the visible features of an area of land is not just the art of beatification.  The scientific technique can be mastered by anyone, they must  understand the basic theory and know how to landscape...

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09 Apr Shrubbery – Friend Not Enemy

Pruning is hard work but it is essential for various types of landscape shrubbery especially those that tend to grow tall and look untamed like Rose of Sharon. This shrub blooms so place it along...

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24 Feb Taste conflicts in landscaping

Have you ever wondered how some couples even survive marriage?  They have completely opposite tastes and ideas about things and the situation is no different when it comes to landscaping. So, most of the time, sitting...

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Plants Add Magic To Gardens

17 Apr Plants Add Magic To Gardens

The way your garden looks will definitely have an impact on the way your home looks. Making your garden look good depends on the plants used when landscaping, knowing that plants add magic to gardens. Landscaping gardens is an investment that may seem too much, but is definitely worth making. After all there is nothing like having a garden with a riot of colours that not only look good but also make the garden an enjoyable place to be in.
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Accessorizing Your Garden

24 Mar Accessorizing Your Garden

When it comes to adding that personal touch to your garden, preferences vary from one person to another. This is why most landscapers are open to ideas and can blend your ideas with a creative flick in the process of accessorizing your garden. One of the trendy ways of accessorizing your garden is to include logs here and there. Of course the type of log will depend on the cost you wish to bear as well as on the overall design of the garden.
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09 Mar Relax With Gardening

Are you bored trying to go through all the therapies just to get relaxed and have your blood circulation pumping properly? Well, why haven’t you considered gardening all this time? It is fun, it is...

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Parched Landscape

09 Mar Quenching a Parched Landscape

Nothing can complete the natural beauty of a lush landscape than an artificially inserted water pond or fountain by quenching a parched landscape.  Its easy to fit in a rocky or basic water lily pond in a garden. Installing a water feature successfully depends on where you decide to have it.  The design must be in a place where all the flora and fauna are harmoniously interdependent.
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