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Landscapes WA is a leading, professional landscaping company based in Perth which provides landscape design, construction and maintenance services.

Established in Perth, Western Australia in 2005, Landscapes WA in its short history has succeeded in being the preferred landscaper for a number of project and luxury home builders throughout Western Australia.

At Landscapes WA, we carve out the most beautiful landscaped environments with our immense knowledge, technical ability, excellent customer service and in-depth understanding of customer needs. Whether you have a resort, retail outlet, corporate campus, a home or an entire neighborhood, Landscapes WA will transform your ordinary surrounding into something extraordinary.

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Our Team

The Landscapes WA team operates as a pro-active partner to all parties involved in each project, maintaining a continuous dialogue between Management, the Site Supervisor, various engineering and architectural consultants, and the onsite construction staff. We have many fine professionals including landscape architects, designers, project managers, and installation crews. With our landscape talent, we are able to grow, succeed and successfully serve our clients.

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Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is strictly followed by our design team. The design team operates on the basis of two over-riding principles:

Communication Without A Hindrance

The landscape architect acts as a pro-active partner to all parties involved, maintaining a continuous dialogue between the Project Manager, the onsite construction staff and the client. This ensures delivery of high quality service and awe-inspiring landscapes by this Landscape Company.

Experimenting With Creativity

Creativity provides a fresh approach to each project, essential to satisfy the increasing constraints of today’s landscape projects in urban, rural and natural environments. This is combined with a rigorous design approach to address technical and financial limitations.

These two guiding principles continue to be pursued throughout the levels of project management. This criterion has enabled Landscapes WA to tackle a broad array of projects both as a contractor as well as in a design and construct capacity.

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Contact WA Landscaping Company

Whether you seek Landscape Design, Landscape Installation or Landscape Maintenance for your residential or commercial environments, Landscapes WA is your outdoor living space designer.

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