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25 Nov Selecting the Right Plants for Hot Climates

Trees and plants for hot climates are very important as it is getting hotter ever year, as the temperature rises it starts affecting the plants. Although the plants ability to withstand heat is usually better than other living things, beyond a certain range (around 90 degrees Fahrenheit) even plants suffer.

Of course there are always some plants for hot climates that can handle heat better than others can – so you need to pick your hot weather plants accordingly.

Impact of Heat on Plants for hot climates

All plants are affected by heat up to a certain level, the higher the temperature the better the plant growth, beyond a limit however, the higher the temperature goes the more damage on the plants. 

The heat does not only affect the plants from the top, overheated soil also impacts the roots which affects their ability to absorb nutrients from the soil. Plants with roots spreading along the surface are affected more than those whose roots sink deeper into the soil.

The excessive heat can also affect the tree barks and branches too, if the leaves are not able to protect the stem or trunk from the sun’s rays, the barks get dried and eventually get burnt this can affect the longevity of the plant itself.

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