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23 May Selecting the Right Plants for Drought Affected Regions

Droughts and a lack of sufficient water is a reality on this planet, but drought affected regions can still be lived in and enjoyed for humans and plants, but you must find the right ones that will still grow and remain healthy when you are deciding on your landscape designs. There are a wide variety of plants for drought affected regions that can be used to create visually appealing landscapes even where the water supply is scarce.

Drought Affect Land

Drought is a condition where there isn’t enough water or moisture to support life over an extended period of time. Arid deserts typically experience cycles of droughts, however, there are other regions that are cooler and can still experience water scarcity, even these are considered drought affected regions.

Another typical characteristic of such regions is poor soil quality. Although this is not true all the time, usually lack of water is accompanied by lack of nutrients too. Plants that manage to survive in such harsh climates are the ones that can make do with limited supply of nourishment and water. Some varieties of drought tolerant plants are so well adapted that excess humidity can affect them adversely. You need to understand this aspect very well while choosing your alternatives for the landscape design and specifically plants for drought affected regions.

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