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08 Nov 10 Plants You Must Consider When Creating A Tropical Landscaped Garden

One type of landscape design that we are often asked about is a tropical garden. These are hugely popular for several reasons such as the amazing colours that tropical plants have, plus a tropical garden is also a huge talking point when guests see it for the first time.

If you are wondering what constitutes a tropical garden when it is part of a landscaping project, here is how we would describe it. A tropical garden incorporates an array of exotic plants most commonly found in those areas of the world which are hot and humid, but also have design elements most associated with those areas including water features and ornaments. Key facets of tropical gardens are their diversity, colours, and exotic ambience.

For this blog post, we are going to focus mostly on diversity and specifically the huge number of plants that you can include in landscape designs that aim to make the garden appear to be a tropical one. As such, we have details on no fewer than ten plants that you should consider for inclusion in your tropical garden.

Tropical Plant #1 – Palms

It should surprise no one that palms are the first tropical plants we highlight. They certainly should be a part of any landscape design with a tropical theme. Bangalow palms, fan palms, and kentia palms are but three of the numerous options and with many palms having large leaves they act as great canopies in landscaped tropical gardens.

Tropical Plant #2 – Cordyline

Every tropical garden should be awash with colour and Cordylines are a group of tropical plants that will deliver plenty of colours. Known for their bold colours that stand out in any garden they are in, options include Kiwi Pride, Nigra, and Rubra. As well as a variety of colours, Cordylines also come in various sizes too.

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