40 Butterfly Gardening

Butterfly Gardening

As a landscaper, it is my duty to address all possible niches and interests of my clients. Some ideas may sound childish, but when the plan gets materialized, you will see heaven right before your eyes.  Butterfly gardening is one such magical idea that turns your garden into a fairy land and keeps your children busy during hot summer afternoons.

Butterflies are attracted to Native plants, and the positive thing about native plants and butterfly gardening is it will beautify your garden while cutting down on garden maintenance and preserve water.

However, the location and climate are important things to consider when selecting appropriate plants for your butterfly garden. 

Adding flowery plants will do the trick to attract butterflies as well as to add serenity to the garden view.

How to use insecticides, as butterflies will not like the nasty smell or taste.  So organic gardening may be one of the best options.

Additionally, inviting birds to reside in your garden by facilitating bird baths is a great way to attract them, and enhance butterfly gardening.

So sit down with your landscaper and discuss the nitty-gritty’s to start painting that picture perfect back yard.

Talking about painting, get your designer to fix an easel for you, so you have something to do outdoors too?

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