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10 Feature Ideas That Will Enhance Your Landscaped Garden

Although having new landscaping in your garden is a positive and rewarding experience, it can also cause some consternation during the process of choosing which of the many possible features you want to include in the landscape design. This will primarily be driven by your personal preferences, although we highly recommend that you also take on board the advice that your chosen landscape design experts give you.

That advice will not only concern the practicalities of any single feature included but will also refer to the aesthetics of it based on the experience that the landscapers have of designing other gardens and seeing the outcomes. One thing is certain, you have no shortage of options which can be a problem in itself. To alleviate that, here are ten of the top features which are guaranteed to enhance your landscaped garden.

Landscape Design Feature #1 – Paving

Paving is a frequently requested feature for a landscape design. A core reason is it provides a secure base underfoot when walking through the garden. Stone paving is also robust and should not need replacing any time soon. The huge variety of stone types, colours, and shapes, also make paving aesthetically pleasing.

Landscape Design Feature #2 – Water Features

Another popular landscaping feature, and one which has many options. At one extreme you have a swimming pool which can turn your garden into a water park for your family. On the other are small, decorative fountains, plus you have countless possibilities in between in terms of size, type, and designs of water features.

Landscape Design Feature #3 – Patio

Patios are another quintessential feature of many landscape designs. They provide a link between the house and the rest of the garden, as well as providing space for you, your family, and guests to gather. Depending on its size, a patio can be used as a seating area or a BBQ station. Options for patio stones are plentiful.

Landscape Design Feature #4 – Outdoor Kitchen

Everyone loves a BBQ (surely?) so it is little wonder a feature that is often seen in a landscape design is an outdoor cooking area. This can be as simple as a paved area for positioning a small portable BBQ, or a complete kitchen in larger gardens complete with a cooker, refrigerator, and dining table.

Landscape Design Feature #5 – Pets Corner

Whilst this tends to be a feature more geared towards dogs, no rule says you cannot set aside a small section of your landscape design for a cat, rabbit, or guinea pig to call their own. You could also include a pond in this for fish and double it up as a water feature.

Landscape Design Feature #6 – Screens

Screens provide three main benefits. The most obvious is they create a boundary for your garden. The second is they can be extremely decorative, which is especially welcome if the area is small, and you are limited in terms of other decorative features. If required, there are screen designs that provide privacy too.

Landscape Design Feature #7 – Ornaments

We could fill a book if we outlined every possible option you have for ornaments and other such-like decorative items. Suffice it to say you do not lack choice. Nevertheless, choose ornaments wisely so that they complement the entire landscape design rather than appearing to have been randomly placed in your garden.

Landscape Design Feature #8 – Children’s Play Area

We have already given your pet an area to play in, so it seems only fair that your children (and doubtless their friends too) are afforded the same opportunity. As with many of the features we are covering you have lots of options based on the play area’s size, construction, and play features.

Landscape Design Feature #9 – Elevation

By elevation, we mean having features in your garden at different levels. This applies whether they are raised or if you want to do something different, sunken levels. For example, a sunken patio, flower bed, or even an area of lawn can all give your landscaping a unique and distinctive appearance.

Landscape Design Feature #10 – Solitude Area

This type of feature can be given several names such as ‘quiet area’, ‘mindful place’, or ‘meditation spot’. Regardless of what you choose to call it, this is a part of your landscape design that should be set apart, secluded, and comfortable. This may include the use of fabrics, soft furnishings, and cushions, for example.

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