Lock and Leave: Hassle-Free Landscaping Ideas

Around four percent of Australian housing stock has been used or is being used as an Airbnb. That means there are about 350,000 unique listings, not including those on alternative platforms. So, essentially, 350,000 people have mastered the art of hosting, cleaning, and landscaping a lock and leave property.

The sheer volume of people doing it doesn’t mean that it’s easy, though. It just means that property hosts have scoured the internet for ideas on how to landscape their properties in a low maintenance way. And, now, you can too. Read on to learn some hassle-free landscaping ideas for lock and leave homes.

Focus on the Hardscape Elements

When people book Airbnb accommodation, they are quite often on holiday. They want to entertain, relax, and enjoy their surroundings. You can accommodate those needs and wishes with an entertainment-style outdoor area.

That means instead of gardens you have to maintain, you can opt for outdoor furniture on paved patio areas, built-in bench seating, and expansive deck areas that take up a significant portion of the backyard. You can then accessorise these areas with lighting and other fun elements. Gardens aren’t the be-all and end-all of landscaping design.

Potted Plants

It’s hard to strike a balance between a serene outdoor space and a maintenance-free one. You want your guests (or yourself) to enjoy nature, but not with all the maintenance that goes with it. That’s where potted plants come in. They can add a burst of colour to an outdoor space, but they require minimal care and upkeep.

You can also choose varieties that don’t generally require love and attention and will get all they need from the elements around them.

Consider Succulents

If you have your heart set on having plant life in your lock and leave property, then succulents might be for you. This hardy variety of plants rarely requires a helping hand. As a result, you can leave them to their own devices. Any visitors who arrive can admire the beauty of them, but will unlikely think about why you chose that plant type in the first place.

Weed-Suppressing Measures

There really is no substitute for a beautiful garden, so the idea of not having one might be too hard to bear. Fortunately, there are weed-suppressing measures you can take to ensure you won’t spend half your free time gardening.

Mulching, for example, is an excellent way to stop weeds in their tracks. The mulch deprives the weeds of light while also providing a safe haven for insects. These insects can eat any dormant weed seeds that threaten to break through the surface.

You may also like to invest in plants that grow as a form of ground cover. They fill up any gaps in your soil, which ultimately leaves no room for weeds to grow.

Whether you require a maintenance-free yard for yourself or arriving guests, enjoy knowing you have options. Some of these tips above might be the solution. Otherwise, talk to your local landscaping expert about brilliant lock and leave landscaping tips that tick all the boxes.

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