20 Combating Aphids

Combating Aphids

Aphids are without a doubt the biggest bane to a healthy garden. They come in droves and before you know it, your once lush, thriving garden suddenly starts to crumble. Regardless of whether you have a small garden or large garden, here are a few handy tips on combating aphids as well as other insects and come out of the battle a victor.

Routine checks

To make sure your garden is at its prime and make the most of combating aphids, check plants regularly for signs of an aphid infestation such as young leaves turning yellow or deposits of honeydew or sooty mold. Also check under the leaves, if any aphids are present they are found there.

Organic warfare

If your garden is under the attack from aphids, the easiest way to fight back is organically. There are a wide range of organic sprays and traps to buy to deal with the infestation. Though easier, these methods are more expensive than the biological means of combating the insects.

Biological Warfare

Brightly colored flowers, along with dill, fennel, mint, yarrow, clover and dandelions attract ladybugs and lacewings, both which prey on aphids. So by creating an environment that attracts them to your garden, you are ensuring that you have soldiers that guard your garden against an insect infestation as well as combating aphids.

These methods will help in combating aphids and ensure that your garden thrives and is pest free. Only use pesticides as a final option, pesticides that get rid of the aphids also damage your plants and kill the insects which are beneficial to your garden.

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