07 Sustainable Landscaping

Sustainable Landscaping: Reusing non-degradable Materials

Sustainable landscaping is not just about ensuring the resources you use are biodegradable but by reusing non-degradable materials in your new design, you will have a wider impact in saving the plant.

And as a result of reusing non-degradable materials like glass bottles, plastic tubs or even tyres in your sustainable landscape, you will have a beautiful natural garden.

Here are many ways these discarded materials can be used to build works of art.

Buying New Things

People like their landscaping to be filled with trees and new artwork, this is a easy way out and expensive, while adding to the problem of waste.

Now imagine if you were to come up with an interesting piece of artwork from some discarded material in your own house.

Window Panes and Doors

Window panes and doors are a very effective art form in any design they offer a lot of different opportunities to create some interesting structures.

Place as they are on the lawn, among trees or against a wall to add a different appeal to the design or  modify it to hold plants on a vertical level.

Reusing Non-Degradable Materials – Glass Bottles

There are many uses and benefits of glass in landscaping, add glass pieces to the concrete pavement to create a mosaic like design.

Other times you can just place empty bottles in strategic locations to add some charm or around garden edging.

Containers and Found Materials

Use broken or cracked buckets to make pot plant holders. Cans, broken toys, old tyres, are all like gold dust to a creative person.

With a large landscape to design and a bunch of old discarded items, you can make a very unique and contemporary area.

Old Artwork

If you are not much of an artist, you can actually purchase old artwork and repair it or even display it as it is. Broken or old pieces of art are very popular they make a nice feature in the middle of the design. 

Sustainable Landscaping is not just about plants and their maintenance, there are many other aspects that you can implement with non-recyclable material.

Like from a broken wine bottle down to a tyre, they could be a great addition to your sustainable landscape. You just need to keep your mind and eyes open to grab the right piece.

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