24 Green Roof Or Roof Garde

Green Roof Or Roof Garden

Lack of gardening space, especially in urban areas is highly challenging to the current environmental conditions, without doubt. Many try planting on their roof tops and yes, this genuinely helps to make the Earth a little greener. However, what do you want a green roof or a roof garden?

Both sound alike, don’t they? But there is a difference. A roof garden is merely a place of entertainment, with a touch of greenery but, a green roof is a typical garden, only a few meters above the earth.

No more should the top of your roof be a wasted space. Greening roofs are highly environmental friendly and costs less than conventional gardening. 

Surprisingly, it is said that roof top plants reduce the overall temperature of the building, blocking UV and purifies air.

Fitting in a few fruiting plants in a green roof can bring an added buck to your wallet too, by saving on the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables. 

A few large pots, preferably with hollow rooted plants and smaller flowering shrubs will add a touch of nature to your roof top garden.

Special techniques need to  be followed to be a successful roof-top gardener with the ability to choose high-altitude-friendly plants.

Getting professional green roof garden advice with out hesitation will help you spend your money and time productively, of course.

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