22 Earth Friendly Landscapi

Earth Friendly Landscaping

Isn’t it time that you take a serious measure to your landscape design to make it more nature friendly? Lots of gardeners today have some lovely, beautiful gardens. Hats off to them for their efforts. But please take a note that some of the measures you take without expert landscaping advice could harm the environment. Earth friendly landscaping is nothing much but a few precautions in order to not to harm the natural behaviors of the surroundings.

Some of you might think that earth friendly landscaping would restrict you of some items you can have in your garden, but NO! You can still have your garden pool, all the flowers and shrubs and whatever you want.

It is still the same whether you do earth friendly landscaping or just an un-analyzed regular landscaping. Only difference would be the benefits you give towards the environment. 

Have your shrubs be grown in the period it is suppose to be. Make the slopes and hills co-operate the natural water flows, hence giving you better water circulation to the garden, pools, ponds etc. This doesn’t mean you will have to spend a huge amount of extra cash. Will sound advice from a landscaper you will probably save money down the track.

Hurry up, make your garden an earth friendly landscape and earn the nature’s award for being a nature lover. After all it would be more fun with gardening when there are minimum negative impacts to others.

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