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05 Mar Sustainable Landscaping : Power conservation

While a lot of the aspects of Landscaping including water features, fertilisers, harsh chemicals are commonly associated with sustainability, one of the most important but typically forgotten is sustainable designs for your landscaping.   

Interestingly right from laying the landscape to the garden maintenance, we use power. However, this is typically ignored when it comes to conservation. With proper planning and a good choice of landscape design you can conserve power in your lawns, and achieve sustainable landscaping.

Power Equipment

There is a host of lawn care processes, which typically require the use of power equipment. While power tools and equipment make life easier on a very large scale, many of the mid-sized and small lawn owners  opt for such equipment, and does not offer much in sustainable landscaping. There are many low cost, power efficient alternatives to lawn care equipment that can be used.

1. Lawn Mower: Gasoline mowers are very common. The primary reason for the popularity of such mowers was the reduced effort required to mow lawns. Traditional manual push powers were bulky and difficult to handle. However, with advancements in technology, the design and weights of push mowers have gone down significantly.

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Landscape Architecture And Design

26 Jan Landscape Architecture And Design

Here’s a secret for you: there is no colossal difference between landscape designing and landscape architecture

The fact that the term ‘architect’ sounds more professional in comparison with the term ‘designer’ which is  often associated more with long legs and colorful attire.

If you are looking for someone to focus more on the artistic merits then you should probably go for a ‘Landscape Designer’.

If you are more interested with the technicalities such as structural engineering, then it would be better to focus on a ‘Landscape Architect’ for the perfect landscape architecture.

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09 Mar Relax With Gardening

Are you bored trying to go through all the therapies just to get relaxed and have your blood circulation pumping properly? Well, why haven’t you considered gardening all this time? It is fun, it is lovely and it is so relaxing.

Gardeners all around the world are people with a relaxed and calming mind . This is not an exaggeration. It is proven in science that having a hobby which involves at least a little bit of nature has more tendencies to make you more loving and kind than others.

The cost factor would be one major issue for most people to put behind their garden ideas. But hey….do not come to that conclusion yet. It should not always be emptying your pocket as per your neighbor.  Get in contact with some of the well reputed garden designers and see for yourself. I always believed that proper planning will make both your mind and the pocket happy.  Give it a try.

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