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Landscape Architecture And Design

Here’s a secret for you: there is no colossal difference between landscape designing and landscape architecture

The fact that the term ‘architect’ sounds more professional in comparison with the term ‘designer’ which is  often associated more with long legs and colorful attire.

If you are looking for someone to focus more on the artistic merits then you should probably go for a ‘Landscape Designer’.

If you are more interested with the technicalities such as structural engineering, then it would be better to focus on a ‘Landscape Architect’ for the perfect landscape architecture.

There is a landscape architecture catch because it depends on the qualification or ‘popularity’ of the person you hire.

The reason for this is that some people are landscape designers and licensed architects!  It can get confusing unless both parties utilize the same science, knowledge and skill to do the job. 

There are times where some professionals are legally bound to refer to themselves as ‘landscape designers’ because laws prevent the use of the term ‘architect’ without a landscape architecture level of license.

Landscape architects are more expensive than landscape designers because of the examination that they must pass, not just competency in design but the health, welfare and safety of the end user. 

The main areas that your landscape designer or architect should embrace is garden design, landscape management, landscape engineering, landscape detailing, landscape assessment and landscape planning.

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