35 Accessorizing Your Garde

Accessorizing Your Garden

When it comes to adding that personal touch to your garden, preferences vary from one person to another. This is why most landscapers are open to ideas and can blend your ideas with a creative flick in the process of accessorizing your garden.

One of the trendy ways of accessorizing your garden is to include logs here and there. Of course the type of log will depend on the cost you wish to bear as well as on the overall design of the garden.

If you are a log fan, it is better to spell out the idea to your garden designer or landscaper before they get on with the job.

If you were to get a sudden idea about including a few logs in your garden, the landscaping plans may need to be changed and twisted a little bit to accommodate your request.

Logs as stands, bridges, planters and as bird baths are some of the common applications of logs in garden. Leave logs aside in a corner of your garden just to add a touch of nature to your surroundings to help in accessorizing your garden.

Although you may have a fair cut idea, the natural landscape of your garden as well as the designer’s initial plan for your garden will be two key components to consider before accessorizing your garden with logs.

So always make sure that you have an in dept conversations with your landscaper about all your ideas, questions and concerns.

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