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Sustainable Landscaping – Overview

24 Feb Sustainable Landscaping – Overview

Landscaping is important to any residential or commercial property, especially so when it is a sustainable landscape.  A well planned and designed garden is more appealing and useful than a randomly created one.  Today with growing concerns and realisation about the threats to the planet, sustainable landscaping is becoming important.

There are several areas around landscaping which require a different approach for sustainability.

Fortunately, it is more a change in thought and approach than basic principles so sustainable landscaping is easy to adopt. Besides, by taking care of your environment, you are assured of long term benefits from your lawn as well.

The sheer number of vehicles are increasing and this pollutants the atmosphere. You can grow plants that are resistant to some of the pollutants and improve the surrounding air quality.

Air pollution typically leads to ozone layer depletion and sulphur dioxide concentration. Plants should be used to reduce the impact of air pollution, and consequently enhance sustainable landscaping.

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