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Garden Lighting

25 Jan Garden Lighting

It was during a carefree conversation about landscaping among my gardening friends, the topic of garden lighting came up. The lighting reflects the glamour and creativity in your garden.

Also, you need to have some nocturnal plants to give a perfect touch to your garden during the night time. In other words, plants that flower during the dusk such as Night gladiolus, Angels trumpet and Moonflower vines should be a part of every garden.

However, lighting isn’t as easy as fixing a few light-bulbs here and there. There are all sorts of garden lights, including deck lights, garden spotlights, underwater and exterior lights for steps, driveways, or patios.

Another question that arose was, whether garden lighting is affordable to a typical middle class landscaper. The situations need to be properly assessed. You may think of lighting the garden only during a special occasion. After all, we are in the midst of energy crises.

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Butterfly Gardening

24 Sep Butterfly Gardening

As a landscaper, it is my duty to address all possible niches and interests of my clients. Some ideas may sound childish, but when the plan gets materialized, you will see heaven right before your eyes.  Butterfly gardening is one such magical idea that turns your garden into a fairy land and keeps your children busy during hot summer afternoons.

Butterflies are attracted to Native plants, and the positive thing about native plants and butterfly gardening is it will beautify your garden while cutting down on garden maintenance and preserve water.

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