38 Quenching a Parched Land

Quenching a Parched Landscape

Nothing can complete the natural beauty of a lush landscape than an artificially inserted water pond or fountain by quenching a parched landscape.  Its easy to fit in a rocky or basic water lily pond in a garden.

Installing a water feature successfully depends on where you decide to have it.  The design must be in a place where all the flora and fauna are harmoniously interdependent.

Garden ponds

Maintaining a pond in your garden is surprisingly easy once built correctly.

There might be invasions from frogs or algae but all these will not persist but come and go in time if built according to basic principles and know how.

Landscaping around swimming pools can also be an innovative extension of the idea of a garden pond, and also helpful in quenching a parched landscape.


Small and easy-to-make waterfalls are also a possibility if you have the sufficient know how.

The two features of constructing a mini water fall is where the water falls and the cascading structure. Use natural rocks for both these features and a water pump to ensure the soothing sounds and scenic beauty.

Your choice of water feature can either make or break the balance of your landscaped garden.

With help from an expert landscape designer and doing what needs to be done it will ensure your garden becomes a private paradise.

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