16 Garden And Lawn Care Tip

Garden And Lawn Care Tips

There are many things that you can do to enhance the beauty of your lawn and garden in general. Here are a few lawn care tips that you could follow that are easy and also will benefit your garden in the long run. Keep in mind that one long watering is better than watering your garden lightly a few times.

One of the main lawn care tips that you need to remember is that lawns usually need about an inch of water every week. However, if the weather is very hot then you should water your lawn at least once in three days. Get to know your soil better; find out whether it is sandy soil or loam soil and nourish it accordingly.

Water the lawn early in the morning

The best times to water your plants and lawn is either early in the morning or late in the evening, as this reduces the chance of water evaporation. Also, to have better control of where your water goes, try to avoid watering when it is windy.

After mowing your lawn, leave the grass clippings as compost, as they are a wonderful source of fertilizer for you plants when they start to decompose.

The optimum time to apply fertilizer is when the soil is slightly moist, as it will absorb better to the root zone of the plants instead of settling on the surface and getting washed away with the next rain.

These lawn care tips go a long way to giving your garden that extra touch of care that would make it stand out from the rest and thereby give it a hint of being special.

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