16 Garden And Lawn Care Tip

Weeding Out Your Plant Problems

After the umpteenth dead rosebush in your garden there comes a time when one must admit that they do not possess this so called ‘green thumb’ that has been the success of many, all thanks to plant problems. Though a vast lawn is immensely attractive, it is important to not get carried away and reduce it so that it is of a maintainable size.

Easy maintenance plants are the answer to landscaping and plant problems faced by many in the field. In order to ensure that your garden lives even when you forget to weed a plant here or water one there, it is important to choose plants that can survive and look good for at least two or more seasons. Sprucing up your lawn is simple if done in an effective manner.

There are many beautiful easy maintenance plants that grow in various soils and consist of many varieties. Daylilies are an ideal example that come with minimal plant problems. They bloom quickly and survive cold winters, hot summers and are pest resistant. Rhododendrons are beautiful against the backdrop of other plants but can also be a site for sore eyes on their own as the plant boast pink, white, yellow and lavender blossoms. They are easy to grow and are very hardy.

Peonies on the other hand are not only colourful but emit an intense sugary fragrance while sprouting brilliant crimson, yellow or pink blossoms. They grow in shallow easy-to-spade holes. The fern is the crème of the crop when it comes to easy maintenance plants and is ideal for groundcover and homeowners who have little time to maintain their gardens with the minimum plant problems.

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