31 Rock Gardening

Rock Gardening

Are you a nature lover, dreaming of turning your front-yard into fine natural green decorated with colorful Hibiscus? If the dry rocks concentrated throughout the soil are keeping you from achieving what you love?  With hard work and determination even the driest, harshest rocky grounds will turn into that green paradise with rock gardening.

Rock gardening requires commitment and close inspection, but the right fertilizer and adequate amounts of water would do the job. The secret behind rock gardening  of less-fertile soil is the ability to use minimum resources in such a way that give maximum output.

It will be worth the effort, plus cost effective. For instance matching the colors – mixing the golden-green of Aucuba with the bright green and red of Amaranthus and painting rows of rocks in healthy brown, would do the trick. 

Choosing the most sustainable plants for your area is also important for there survival.

You shouldn’t forget to be enthusiastic about your garden, wanting to improve it continually. Make sure you think over what exactly you want and don’t hesitate to get professional advice to initiate rock gardening if that is what you want.

After all it is your front-yard and you sure want to be the most creative and sensible rock gardener.

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