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How to Create an Entertainer’s Paradise by landscaping right

For as long as humankind has existed, there has been an area set aside for entertainment at everyone’s homes. Cave people would invite visitors to sit around their fire, and drawing rooms were popular additions in English homes in the 15th century. It’s almost in our DNA that we must entertain, and we must have somewhere to do it. When you’re landscaping, it can be no different. Factor in somewhere to entertain and enjoy the obvious social benefits that follow.

Privacy & Shelter

One of the main things to factor into your entertainment landscaping plan is shelter and privacy. You want protection both from the elements and your neighbours when you bring friends and family over to visit. Consider placing a patio area outside the entrance to your home and make use of trellis or partition walls. A shade sail over the top of the area can also provide some protection from the elements.


If you want to be able to entertain long into the night, then don’t forget about lighting. Whether you get an electrician to install permanent lighting, or you ‘pretty’ the area up with fairy lights; you’ll immediately notice a difference. Lighting can also come in the form of an outdoor gas fire as well. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s suitable for outdoor use and has a waterproof rating.

Focal Point

Every outdoor area has to be a focal point. For many, it’s the table in the center between some chairs. For others, it’s a barbecue, fire pit, or even a spa pool. Choose your focal point then create your area around it. You will be amazed at how easily the ideas flow once you have something significant in mind with which to begin.


When you are formulating a landscaping plan, it needs to incorporate plant life. Plants can beautify an area and give it a burst of much-needed colour. Opt for large, leafy potted plants that require minimal care but have maximum effect. If you’re not sure what you need, talk to a landscaping expert or your local garden store worker.


You can’t hope to entertain appropriately if no one has anywhere to sit! When you sketch out your landscaping plan, make sure it includes an area for benches or seating. A picnic table, outdoor patio set, or benching can all ensure your guests don’t have to stand around awkwardly.

If you intend on making any changes to your home, don’t forget about your outdoors. Create a peaceful haven that you’ll be proud to show your guests, and put thought into a landscaping plan that’s both timeless and functional. If you’re not sure where to begin, contact your local landscaping expert for assistance.

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