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Top Landscape Design Trends 2019/2020

Experts in landscape design are always thinking ahead. They know that trends change, and people’s preferences with them, so try to deliver on what they believe will be the “next biggest thing” in the landscaping world.

If you are about to begin a landscaping project of your own, with or without the help of a landscaper, then read on.

Here are some of the predicted 2019 and 2020 trends that are worth a closer look.

Indoor-Outdoor Entertainment

We are blessed here in Australia to have, mostly, mild year-round temperatures. There is rarely a day that’s too cold to spend at least a portion of it outside.

As a result, it’s of no surprise that as many as 40 percent of homeowners like to entertain outside. Is your space set up correctly for it?

Home and land packages with exceptional indoor-outdoor flow are expected to become increasingly popular over the next year. They are also going far beyond a traditional and quaint patio area.

Homeowners want covered, but open outdoor spaces that allow the use of all-weather furniture and are sheltered from the elements.

They also incorporate plant life and exterior components but are mostly an extension of the kitchen or living area.

Rooftop Entertainment

Australian landscape design experts are seeing more and more apartment owners looking to utilise their roof for entertaining. Rooftop balconies and gardens are an excellent way to remain in touch with nature – even in a concrete jungle.

Of course, you need the right roof for such a project, but a landscaper can work their magic with almost any rooftop entertainment area.

Climate Change-Friendly Gardens

The general population is more educated than ever before on climate change and what that could mean for everyone. As a result, many homeowners are calling upon their local landscape design experts to create gardens that can take care of themselves.

Plants that can handle intense heat and minimal watering are becoming more popular than ever before. Theses plants are environmentally responsible because homeowners don’t have to dedicate resources like water to them.

Log Walls

Retaining walls, rock walls, and fences have all been commonplace in landscape design throughout the years, but 2018 through to 2020 are the years of the log wall. A log wall is, as the name suggests, a wall made of logs.

They act as a fence and a much-needed habitat for insects and other critters. The best part is, a log wall features sustainable materials and are a striking addition to any lifestyle property that wants to stand out from the crowd.

You don’t have to stay ahead of the curve, but your property will be an asset if you do.   Talk to your local landscaper about landscape design ideas that both future-proof your property and sit in line with current trends. Watch the magic happen.

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