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Soil Fertility

09 Sep Soil Fertility

The most important factor when it comes to plant growth is soil fertility. There are parasite plants like Orchids and Mints that need no soil to grow, but I wish to discuss facts in favor of plants that do need soil (over 90% of the plant population).

Say, you are a domestic gardener-to-be. Can you just walk outside and figure out whether the soil below your feet, is fertile enough? Well, of course. You can determine the soil fertility, by the color, moisture, feel and the smell of the soil. Sounds strange, isn’t it? If it does, then you know you are new to the whole gardening business. A person with a bit of experience will know exactly what I’ve said.

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Combating Aphids

09 Sep Combating Aphids

Aphids are without a doubt the biggest bane to a healthy garden. They come in droves and before you know it, your once lush, thriving garden suddenly starts to crumble. Regardless of whether you have a small garden or large garden, here are a few handy tips on combating aphids as well as other insects and come out of the battle a victor.

Routine checks

To make sure your garden is at its prime and make the most of combating aphids, check plants regularly for signs of an aphid infestation such as young leaves turning yellow or deposits of honeydew or sooty mold. Also check under the leaves, if any aphids are present they are found there.

Organic warfare

If your garden is under the attack from aphids, the easiest way to fight back is organically. There are a wide range of organic sprays and traps to buy to deal with the infestation. Though easier, these methods are more expensive than the biological means of combating the insects.

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Rock Gardening

01 Dec Rock Gardening

Are you a nature lover, dreaming of turning your front-yard into fine natural green decorated with colorful Hibiscus? If the dry rocks concentrated throughout the soil are keeping you from achieving what you love?  With hard work and determination even the driest, harshest rocky grounds will turn into that green paradise with rock gardening.

Rock gardening requires commitment and close inspection, but the right fertilizer and adequate amounts of water would do the job. The secret behind rock gardening  of less-fertile soil is the ability to use minimum resources in such a way that give maximum output.

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09 Mar Gardening With Vegetables

Gardening is always considered to bring relaxation and happiness, while gardening with vegetables could bring some gain. It brings all the calming feelings you require to feel when leaving home in the morning and while spending time with the family in the weekend. But hey…it doesn’t bring any financial benefit for you if I am correct.

The time has come now to build a garden to make sense with a usage to your daily life. But how? Simply grow some vegetables.

Get a little bit of help from gardening expert, the more innovative gardening with vegetables ideas could  make it easier to start with some vegetables. This kind of  garden will not only look good but serve to keep you happy and healthy eating its produce.

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