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05 Mar Sustainable Landscaping : Power conservation

While a lot of the aspects of Landscaping including water features, fertilisers, harsh chemicals are commonly associated with sustainability, one of the most important but typically forgotten is sustainable designs for your landscaping.   

Interestingly right from laying the landscape to the garden maintenance, we use power. However, this is typically ignored when it comes to conservation. With proper planning and a good choice of landscape design you can conserve power in your lawns, and achieve sustainable landscaping.

Power Equipment

There is a host of lawn care processes, which typically require the use of power equipment. While power tools and equipment make life easier on a very large scale, many of the mid-sized and small lawn owners  opt for such equipment, and does not offer much in sustainable landscaping. There are many low cost, power efficient alternatives to lawn care equipment that can be used.

1. Lawn Mower: Gasoline mowers are very common. The primary reason for the popularity of such mowers was the reduced effort required to mow lawns. Traditional manual push powers were bulky and difficult to handle. However, with advancements in technology, the design and weights of push mowers have gone down significantly.

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07 Jan Sustainable Landscaping – Water Conservation

There are many aspects to sustainable landscaping and water conservation. The basic concept of sustainable solutions is to minimise the use of resources like water, power, fertilisers and maximise their impact.

One of the most important resources used in landscaping is water and conserving water is quintessential to modern life given the dearth of pure clean water globally. There are some simple but useful techniques that can be used to conserve water while ensuring a healthy, green landscape.

1. Harvesting Natural Water

In areas with decent rains, rainwater harvesting is a great technique for water conservation. During rains, the running water is usually wasted. With a good lawn design, this surface water flow can be redirected to some a collection pond within the lawn itself. Though this may not seem a lot, in the long run this water could prove the difference between a good lawn and great lawn – especially in the drought periods.

2. Creating Hydrozones for water Conservation

Hydrozones are areas in the lawn where you have plants with similar water requirements. This is extremely important for sustainable development. By grouping plants that require similar irrigation you can actually create zones within your lawn that require different levels of water. This will let you irrigate the lawn in sections and ensure optimum use of water. If you are not careful you could end up losing some plants that die due to lack of water, or waste a lot of water trying to satisfy all the plants. Hydrozoning is a very simple but highly effective alternative to sustainable landscaping and water conservation.

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24 Oct Sustainable Landscaping: Reusing non-degradable Materials

Sustainable landscaping is not just about ensuring the resources you use are biodegradable but by reusing non-degradable materials in your new design, you will have a wider impact in saving the plant.

And as a result of reusing non-degradable materials like glass bottles, plastic tubs or even tyres in your sustainable landscape, you will have a beautiful natural garden.

Here are many ways these discarded materials can be used to build works of art.

Buying New Things

People like their landscaping to be filled with trees and new artwork, this is a easy way out and expensive, while adding to the problem of waste.

Now imagine if you were to come up with an interesting piece of artwork from some discarded material in your own house.

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Sustainable Landscaping – Overview

24 Feb Sustainable Landscaping – Overview

Landscaping is important to any residential or commercial property, especially so when it is a sustainable landscape.  A well planned and designed garden is more appealing and useful than a randomly created one.  Today with growing concerns and realisation about the threats to the planet, sustainable landscaping is becoming important.

There are several areas around landscaping which require a different approach for sustainability.

Fortunately, it is more a change in thought and approach than basic principles so sustainable landscaping is easy to adopt. Besides, by taking care of your environment, you are assured of long term benefits from your lawn as well.

The sheer number of vehicles are increasing and this pollutants the atmosphere. You can grow plants that are resistant to some of the pollutants and improve the surrounding air quality.

Air pollution typically leads to ozone layer depletion and sulphur dioxide concentration. Plants should be used to reduce the impact of air pollution, and consequently enhance sustainable landscaping.

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