Planting Perennials

09 Sep Planting Perennials

If you would like to have a garden filled with colourful flowers but also want something low garden maintenance, then perennials are what you are looking for. The best part about planting perennials is that they keep multiplying with time, giving you more flowers as the years go by.

Location is very important when you consider where to plant your perennials as most thrive in bright sunshine but a few need shade. Therefore make sure you check the tag on the plant before deciding where to plant it.

Another factor to consider when buying planting perennials is which plants you would like to have, how they would suit your garden and the type of landscape you have in mind. Perennials live a long life so make sure you choose the flowers you would love to wake up to on a daily basis.

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Weeding Out Your Plant Problems

02 Feb Weeding Out Your Plant Problems

After the umpteenth dead rosebush in your garden there comes a time when one must admit that they do not possess this so called ‘green thumb’ that has been the success of many, all thanks to plant problems. Though a vast lawn is immensely attractive, it is important to not get carried away and reduce it so that it is of a maintainable size.

Easy maintenance plants are the answer to landscaping and plant problems faced by many in the field. In order to ensure that your garden lives even when you forget to weed a plant here or water one there, it is important to choose plants that can survive and look good for at least two or more seasons. Sprucing up your lawn is simple if done in an effective manner.

There are many beautiful easy maintenance plants that grow in various soils and consist of many varieties. Daylilies are an ideal example that come with minimal plant problems. They bloom quickly and survive cold winters, hot summers and are pest resistant. Rhododendrons are beautiful against the backdrop of other plants but can also be a site for sore eyes on their own as the plant boast pink, white, yellow and lavender blossoms. They are easy to grow and are very hardy.

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Combating Aphids

09 Sep Combating Aphids

Aphids are without a doubt the biggest bane to a healthy garden. They come in droves and before you know it, your once lush, thriving garden suddenly starts to crumble. Regardless of whether you have a small garden or large garden, here are a few handy tips on combating aphids as well as other insects and come out of the battle a victor.

Routine checks

To make sure your garden is at its prime and make the most of combating aphids, check plants regularly for signs of an aphid infestation such as young leaves turning yellow or deposits of honeydew or sooty mold. Also check under the leaves, if any aphids are present they are found there.

Organic warfare

If your garden is under the attack from aphids, the easiest way to fight back is organically. There are a wide range of organic sprays and traps to buy to deal with the infestation. Though easier, these methods are more expensive than the biological means of combating the insects.

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Rock Gardening

01 Dec Rock Gardening

Are you a nature lover, dreaming of turning your front-yard into fine natural green decorated with colorful Hibiscus? If the dry rocks concentrated throughout the soil are keeping you from achieving what you love?  With hard work and determination even the driest, harshest rocky grounds will turn into that green paradise with rock gardening.

Rock gardening requires commitment and close inspection, but the right fertilizer and adequate amounts of water would do the job. The secret behind rock gardening  of less-fertile soil is the ability to use minimum resources in such a way that give maximum output.

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Planting Shrubs

18 Jan Planting shrubs

Planting shrubs are an asset to any landscaped garden. They add the extra touch giving the  garden that final look and brings beauty, shade and fragrance to your landscape.

Shrubs are a great way of creating enclosed corners in your landscape, and taller shrubs make good screens for the perimeter of your property.

Different shrubs flower during different seasons, so planting shrubs would be a good idea t a few for each season so that you can have flowers all year round.

Flowering shrubs need to be trimmed within a month after they finish flowering, or else there is a risk that you may trimming away the next bloom of flowers, however, dead branches can be trimmed away at any given time.

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Plants Add Magic To Gardens

17 Apr Plants Add Magic To Gardens

The way your garden looks will definitely have an impact on the way your home looks. Making your garden look good depends on the plants used when landscaping, knowing that plants add magic to gardens.

Landscaping gardens is an investment that may seem too much, but is definitely worth making. After all there is nothing like having a garden with a riot of colours that not only look good but also make the garden an enjoyable place to be in.

Choosing the proper landscaping plants is something that needs a lot of thought. For one, you have to make sure that the plants you plant today are going to grow into huge trees or shrubs.

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09 Mar Relax With Gardening

Are you bored trying to go through all the therapies just to get relaxed and have your blood circulation pumping properly? Well, why haven’t you considered gardening all this time? It is fun, it is lovely and it is so relaxing.

Gardeners all around the world are people with a relaxed and calming mind . This is not an exaggeration. It is proven in science that having a hobby which involves at least a little bit of nature has more tendencies to make you more loving and kind than others.

The cost factor would be one major issue for most people to put behind their garden ideas. But hey….do not come to that conclusion yet. It should not always be emptying your pocket as per your neighbor.  Get in contact with some of the well reputed garden designers and see for yourself. I always believed that proper planning will make both your mind and the pocket happy.  Give it a try.

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