Landscape Design

07 Oct Top Advantages of Leaving Landscape Design to An Expert

Australia is very much a “DIY” nation. Many homeowners consider them to be quite handy with the tools, and they most probably are. However, when it comes to landscape design, it can be an entirely new experience. You might be a whizz on the paintbrush, but how skilled are you with sketching plans and working to scale? If you were unsure whether you should phone for a landscaping expert, then here are five of many reasons why that’s an excellent idea. They Can Work Within Your Budget A common excuse for failing to call in the experts – for almost anything – is the cost. Why get someone to paint your fence when you can do it yourself? Why mow your lawns when there’s a perfectly good mower in your shed? The beauty of a landscaping expert is they can work to a budget.
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07 Feb Top Landscape Design Trends 2019/2020

Experts in landscape design are always thinking ahead. They know that trends change, and people’s preferences with them, so try to deliver on what they believe will be the “next biggest thing” in the landscaping world. If you are about to begin a landscaping project of your own, with or without the help of a landscaper, then read on. Here are some of the predicted 2019 and 2020 trends that are worth a closer look.
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Landscaping For Entertainers

17 Nov How to Create an Entertainer’s Paradise by landscaping right

For as long as humankind has existed, there has been an area set aside for entertainment at everyone’s homes. Cave people would invite visitors to sit around their fire, and drawing rooms were popular additions in English homes in the 15th century. It’s almost in our DNA that we must entertain, and we must have somewhere to do it. When you’re landscaping, it can be no different. Factor in somewhere to entertain and enjoy the obvious social benefits that follow.
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24 Oct Sustainable Landscaping: Reusing non-degradable Materials

Sustainable landscaping is not just about ensuring the resources you use are biodegradable but by reusing non-degradable materials in your new design, you will have a wider impact in saving the plant. And as a result of reusing non-degradable materials like glass bottles, plastic tubs or even tyres in your sustainable landscape, you will have a beautiful natural garden. Here are many ways these discarded materials can be used to build works of art. 
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Landscaping For Dummies

21 Oct Landscaping For Dummies

Modifying the visible features of an area of land is not just the art of beatification.  The scientific technique can be mastered by anyone, they must  understand the basic theory and know how to landscape...

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24 Feb Taste conflicts in landscaping

Have you ever wondered how some couples even survive marriage?  They have completely opposite tastes and ideas about things and the situation is no different when it comes to landscaping. So, most of the time, sitting...

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Landscape Architecture And Design

26 Jan Landscape Architecture And Design

Here’s a secret for you: there is no colossal difference between landscape designing and landscape architecture.  The fact that the term ‘architect’ sounds more professional in comparison with the term ‘designer’ which is  often associated more with long legs and colorful attire. If you are looking for someone to focus more on the artistic merits then you should probably go for a ‘Landscape Designer’. If you are more interested with the technicalities such as structural engineering, then it would be better to focus on a ‘Landscape Architect’ for the perfect landscape architecture.
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